Exceptional approach

Our team boasts a wealth of experience, and possess the know-how; to tackle the most difficult of situations. One of the key principles of management is to recognize risks at their embryonic stage, and approach the response to these threats supported by a thorough analysis.


The depth of diversity streaming from within the workforce, is our ultimate weapon when approaching any obstacle. We offer challenging and exciting career opportunities within all areas of our business and actively look for individuals who we believe can take Varyok to the next level.

Unlimited opportunities

The hunger for success is our drive for what seems to be an endless stream of opportunities. If an opportunity was to arise to develop the business, the company would intensively investigate its capabilities and its network, with a view to increase its corporate value.


Every business would succeed if they followed the correct ingredients. It is no wonder why Varyok has continued to impress with its upwards moving figures. We don’t believe in just meeting our targets, but push to go that extra mile.

Perfect choice

Ensuring the highest level of customers satisfaction what makes us a better Company in our field

Varyok Limited, located in the heart of Nicosia, Cyprus, is one of the world's fastest growing private marketers of commodities. Varyok operates within worldwide activities in the sourcing and managing supply of metals, minerals, agricultural and energy products such as Electricity, Gas and Fuels. Our strategy is aimed on strengthening our business, taking advantage of growth opportunities and practicing a responsible attitude when dealing with clients and handling resources.

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